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Machinery Lubrication Training Courses 

LTC Beginnings

After retiring from Exxon Mobil, Ray Thibault started LTC in 2002 to offer training and consulting in the field of lubrication. His other goal was to offer guidance through his training courses for achieving several different lubrication certifications, including the STLE’s Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), Oil Monitoring Analyst Level I & II (OMA I & OMA II), and The International Council for Machinery Lubrication’s Machinery Lubrication Technician Level I & II (MLT I & MLT II) as well as their Machinery Lubrication Analyst I & II (MLA I & MLA II).

Ray Thibault, lubrication Training & Con

Ray Thibault

MARCH 15, 1941 – JANUARY 6, 2020

"When I met Ray I had no idea how much he would impact my life. We quickly became very good friends and he will always be one of my mentors, both in life and business. I am honored that he chose me to carry on his legacy with LTC."   Ken Kizer CLS

Meet The Trainer

Ken Kizer, CLS, MLT I Training

Ken Kizer CLS

Lubrication Trainer


STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist

ICML Certified Machinery Lubrication Technician

Continuing the LTC Legacy 



Ken began working for Ray teaching these certification classes in 2004 and during that time achieved his OMA I & II, his MLT I & II, and his MLA I & II to go along with his CLS certification. In April, 2019, he purchased the company from Ray. Ken has 15 years of experience instructing courses and a total of over 25 years in the lubrication industry.

Best of all, LTC offers these classes onsite at your facility or if preferred, at a local hotel of your choice. All of these classes are two-day classes with the certification exam on the third day except for the CLS, which has grown into a four-day class with the exam on the fifth day. If you just want the lubrication training, a class can be catered to meet your needs.

For more information regarding the individual classes or to schedule a class, please contact LTC from this link:

Meet The Consultant


Mark Kavanaugh CLS

Lubrication Consultant

Mark started working for the original Gulf Oil Refinery in Port Arthur, TX as a machinist apprentice and retired 43 years later when it was the Valero refinery. In 1999 he started working with the Rotating Equipment Reliability Department and lubricants for the plant fell under their umbrella.

He played a major role in setting up their lab and in 2007 got promoted to the Lubricants Champion of the plant where he was responsible for over 10,000 pieces of rotating equipment. In 2005, the facility won the ICML’s John W. Battle Award which recognizes organizations that have exhibited excellence in the application of machinery lubrication. 

Mark brings his vast experience to LTC in helping with CLS classes and is available to do consulting on anything related to your maintenance program. Use our contact link on this website to get more information

Machinery Lubrication Training Courses & Lubrication Consulting Solutions
Ken Kizer Lubrication Training & Consulting. Machinery oil training courses and classes in CLS, OMA I, OMA II, MLT I, MLT II, MLA I, MLA II.
Ken Kizer Lubrication Training & Consulting. Machinery oil training courses and classes in CLS, OMA I, OMA II, MLT I, MLT II, MLA I, MLA II.


LTC provides 21st century oil training courses in CLS, OMA I, OMA II, MLT I, MLT II, MLA I, MLA II


LTC provides world-class lubrication consulting services in industrial machinery applications


My company has maintained a long-standing business relationship with LTC for the purpose of enabling our sales professionals and those of our marketers to earn their CLS and OMA-1 certifications. The content and its delivery focused upon industrial lubrication concepts is topnotch and serves as valuable technical reference to our attendees in continuously serving their customers. The certification exams are very challenging, and LTC's preparation classes have been vital in our brand achieving an industry leading position of STLE certifications.

Matt Mazanek, CL S/OMA- 1

Lubrication Specialist

Chevron Lubricants

I am very active in the STLE and became very curious about STLE members and other Industry Professionals that carry the title “Certified Lubrication Specialist”. Many if not all my Peers in the Industry who regularly present at STLE and other influential Industry conferences, carry the title.


After doing my research I determined that it was very important to both my Company and I that I became certified due to the credibility the title carries. I signed up for training at Lubrication Engineers facility in Wichita, KS and met Ken on the first morning of the training. I had not met him before, and I had no idea of his reputation but can now categorically state that being trained by Ken is one of the primary reasons I can now call myself a Certified Lubrication Specialist. His knowledge of the material is comprehensive and in 4 days of training, there was not a question from the students he did not have a detailed answer for.

I have 25 years plus in the Industry, but I expanded my knowledge every single day of the training and aside from the certification, I believe every Industry professional should take Ken’s training. I consider myself now to be a much more rounded Professional as a direct result of what I learned and the way it was taught.

In summary, if you or a colleague are considering becoming a Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) , you will significantly increase your chances of success by working with Ken and LTC and however experienced you are, you will learn something every day in training.

Many thanks for your knowledge and professionalism Ken,


David B Gray, CLS, ASME, I Mech E

NA OEM Manager

Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc.

LTC has the most informative industrial lubrication, maintenance, engineering, and reliability training package available with it's CLS class today. Attendees to this class are usually taking the class to prep for an exam that they have studied for a time of months or years, but this is much more.


This is especially valuable for those who want to take lubrication, engineering, maintenance, and reliability to a greater level. Most companies that use this information will save millions in so many ways. The prep information is like a professional's reference bonus guide.


Coming from the reliability maintenance and engineering field and setting in this class many times as a subject matter expert I have to give it a 4.0 grade. Seeing the attendee's light bulbs turn on again and again was so exciting to see.


Robert Matthews (Retired)

Senior Reliability Manager

Published 30+ times

Lectured 1000+ times

LTC has been the industry leader in lubrication training for over '15 years. I took my first CLS class from them in 2004, which broadened my knowledge of the industry, provided credibility to me in my early career and kicked-off my passion for acquiring knowledge in the lubrication field.

Ken has a true mastery of the body of knowledge in lubrication and tribology. His courses would not be so successful however, if he did not also possess the skill of teaching really complex concepts in an easily understood way. lf you are lucky enough to also have Mark as an instructor, you'll glean insights from a lubrication practitioner with tremendous experience and insights from the plant floor.


There are few in the industry that understand rotating equipment better than Mark,

Most students go into an LTC course hoping to pass their certification exam and leave the course with all sorts of knowledge that can be immediately applied to their careers. Plus, in most cases, a new certification! I could not recommend LTC more highly to deepen your knowledge of lubrication and achieve certification. This is the best investment that you can make in your career.


Greg Livingstone Chief innovation Officer for Fluitec

Q+ published papers; >1000 students taught on lubrication practices

I have utilized LTC for many lubrication certification classes.  These classes range from CLS, MLT1, MLT2, and the 3 MLA certifications.  We often sponsor these certification classes for our customers and employees.  Over the last 5 years, we have use LTC for over 7 certification classes. 


Ken has personally taught several of these 7 classes.  There is always an extremely high pass rate when we have used LTC for these classes.  In fact, we had 100% pass rate on the last MLT1 class taught by Ken.  LTC not only teaches the information required to be an expert in each topic. 


They also ensure you are completely prepared for the test.  I highly recommend Ken and LTC for your lubrication certification training!  We will certainly be using them for many years to come!


Sania Munford (formerly Sania Harvey) CLS OMA CMRP MLT MLA

Business Development Manager

Lubrication Services

I am pleased to write a testimonial letter for Ken Kizer of LTC. I had the pleasure of attending Ken’s LTC class in Wichita Kansas in September of 2019. I had never attempted the exam but had heard of the difficulty in passing such a broad and difficult test of one’s lubricant knowledge.


When I researched CLS courses and reached out to colleagues as to which to attend, LTC was at the top of the list. Ken’s approach, structure and delivery was nothing short of outstanding. The way Ken has outlined the course format and his ability to present and explain the information allowed me to see and understand the content in simple terms. The 4-day course is outstanding, and Ken is an exceptional trainer.

Given the technical aspects of the CLS exam, some trainers can fail to connect with their attendees, however Ken presented the information wonderfully, connected with all in the class and made the information very easy to retain. His demeanor, wit and expertise made the class enjoyable and informative.

For anyone considering CLS certification, I whole-heartedly recommend Ken Kizer and LTC.

Brian Brownlee CLS, MLT I, OMA I

District Sales Manager Total Specialties, USA

As an industrial lubricant’s salesperson, it is vital that I have the knowledge and practical experience necessary to support my customers and their plant maintenance operations.


Obtaining my Certified Lubrication Specialist license in 2019 really makes me a valuable asset for my industrial customers and my company. To achieve the CLS I chose Ken Kizer's training course through Lubrication Engineers. That was the best decision I could have made. Ken's class completely prepared me

to challenge and pass my CLS exam. His course takes the scope of knowledge and relates it perfectly to real world situations.


Each day of class builds on this foundation and the daily practice exams let you know exactly where to focus your study efforts. Ken is a great teacher, easy to understand and he makes the class fun as well. I highly recommend Ken's class for anyone who is considering the CLS certification.


Thank you again for your help in achieving my CLS!


Les Bell CLS, MLT, MLA

Industrial Territory Sales Manager - Western US

I had been told from several people that Ken only teaches the test, just wants you to learn the right answer for the question rather than understanding the material. I found that nothing could be further from the truth! Ken is a very knowledgeable instructor, who mixes humor and practical experience to help you truly understand the material.

Loren Green

Industrial Oils Unlimited, LLC

CLS since March 2019 Lubrication Training & Consulting provided the intensive training I needed to pass the STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist Exam. LTC provides the study material and testing tips to help navigate the CLS exam. Their in-class instruction, study materials and real world experience were a crucial tool for my success.

Marianne Gardner CLS

Business Development Honstein Oil

I am fortunate to say I have attended numerous training classes with LTC both individually and with my sales team members. There is no better training in the marketplace, and I have attended many others. Ken Kizer is a first-class instructor and he has continued a tradition started and mentored by Ray Thibault. We have become a stronger sales team equipped with the knowledge we've gained.

Tom Bjellos: industrial Application Engineer, CLS, OMA l, MLA/MLT I West Region at Lube-Tech

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